The Cool Orange

Be Cool. Wear the orange!

The Cool Orange is an independent Italian brand owned and operated by Gabriele Crotti (me!). All illustrations are inspired by pop culture, starting from movies, music, art, tattoos and are filtered through Gabriele’s sarcastic & humoristic view. The designs are divided into collections, but you can see all the items in the gallery. Collections are directly managed by Gabriele and are sold on the marketplace “Etsy”. Others illustrations are sold mainly on and But nothing is written in stone.

The birth of “The Cool Orange”

The brand itself was born in 2017 under the name of “Parrel the freelancer”. A strange and uncool name that comes from Gabriele’s nickname since high school years: Parrel indeed. At the begin of time, the website was a box full of comics, thrash material, illustrations and God’s-only-know what. Nowadays the focus is on illustrations for apparel, prints, and accessories, giving the website a super cool and hipster attitude.


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