The cool orange - autoscatto
Gabriele @ happy owner of The Cool Orange wearing the beardastic skate classic t-shirt

Hello there! I’m Gabriele Crotti, also known as Parrel. In real life, I am a lot of things, one of them is to be an illustrator! I was born and raised up in Bergamo’s province, very close to Milan. My family is full of classical musicians, very serious painters, sculptors & architects. Said that, since I love comics and less serious type of art expression I have always been a sort of black sheep. But hey, I’m proud of me above all!

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do you create illustrations on commission? It depends on the period (if I’m full of work or not). Ask me and I’ll answer back.
  • Do you create websites? Sometimes, 90% for friends. No to the enemies.
  • Do you work with other artists? No, I’m a lone ranger in the world of illustration. And usually, I prefer to be right all the time.
  • Who are your favorite artists? Comics artists -> Vincent Paronnaud, Leo Ortolani, Daw, dr. Pira, Daniel Cuello, Simone Angelini, Tuono Pettinato. Independent artists/studios -> Yeaaah studio, Steven Rhodes
  • What are your favorite superheroes? The Crimson Bolt & Kick Ass
  • Are you a great skateboarder? Not at all. I suck at skateboarding. But who cares, I love it anyway… yeah, sometimes I feel to be a bit a poser, but it’s not my fault.


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