fear(rr)less tshirt | beardastic skate collection

illustration based on the iconic figure of Jay Adams, the legendary skateboarder, and skater in the team “Z-Boys”.

fear(rr)less | beardastic skate collection

Skateboarding is not only a sport but also a lifestyle. Since I’ve started doing it in April 2018 (at the age of 33! Check my article on the blog) I’ve met a lot of great people and I’ve enjoyed the great atmosphere at the skatepark. The beardastic skate project was born from my experience, and it takes the idea from the famous words Jay Adams once said: “You don’t quit skateboarding because you’re old, you are old because you quit skateboarding“. That’s my mantra and the meaning of this “fe-arr!-less” t-shirt!

Some info

  • 100% high-quality organic cotton t-shirt
  • colors available: black (so others cannot see whenever you’ve fallen aha!)
  • on sale at etsy.com
  • printed directly on garments with sustainable and water-based colors
  • shipped from the UK
scatto della maglietta fe arr less piegata
scatto della maglietta piegata