Size charts

Below you can find size charts and info about products on sale. T-shirts sizes depend on the model (Unisex or Woman) and on the type (organic, classic high-quality). The same for sweatshirts and hoodies.

In order to check the measures, please follow the instructions below, then compare them with the dimensions in the tables in order to obtain the correct size. In case of indecision choose always the upper size. Please note that dimensions ARE NOT perfect and that little differences are acceptable (usually +- 1″/2,5 cm).


Put a comfy t-shirt that you like on a plain surface (a table for example), then measure the two dimensions as shown in the figures below. For dimension “B” (width) remember to stay 2,5 cm (1″) below the armholes.

Unisex/men t-shirts

> Classic unisex t-shirt – just slightly fitted –

> Organic unisex t-shirt – normal fitting –

Women t-shirts

> Organic women t-shirt


Organic women sweatshirt (spring)

Organic men sweatshirt (spring)

Organic unisex sweatshirt (winter)