beardastic skate

It’s never too late!

immagine ollie skatepark beardasticskate skateboard never tool old

In the figure above: One of my stupid ollies. I started in 2018 doing skateboarding and nowadays it’s my favorite sport. Above all, I’m not an expert and you can see that my ollie is very rough and full of errors. Anyway I think it’s not bad for a 33 years old guy that started a few months ago (Gabriele – update Feb 2019)

“You don’t quit skateboarding because you’re old, you’re old because you quit skateboarding” (J. Adams, a legend of the Zephyr skateboard team a Z-boy)

Beardastic skate (#beardasticskate on Instagram) is a The Cool Orange’s apparel/prints collection and it’s dedicated to the skateboarding lifestyle, but for everybody, especially for those who are dummies in the sports! The name itself has been created joining the words “beard” and “fantastic” and it means that no matter if you have a white beard, is never too late for practice skateboarding!

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“King of Clubs”

“Kings of clubs” is another t-shirt that belongs to the beardastic skate collection

Beardastic skate classics – The 5 panel hat

5-panel hat from the Beardastic skate classics collection. This damn cap is what you need during hot summer skate sesh. It is a light-weight cap and it’s pretty hard to destroy. A must-have!


illustration based on the iconic figure of Jay Adams, the legendary skateboarder, and skater in the team “Z-Boys”.