The Crimson Vipers roller derby: the 2019 calendar

In the end of the 2018 I made a series of illustrations for Crimson Vipers that have been used for their 2019 calendar. For this occasion I decided to let me give inspiration by the advertising for 80s and 70s children games and old comics, both fro colors palette and for drawing style. The following illustration is the result of my work, I hope you will like them. Go Vipers!

January: the staff
February: Evanesca
March: R.I.P.LEY
April: Baby Razor
Maj: Chiarogna & Berny WHite
June: Daga Death
July: Maki Maniak
August: Circe & Medusa
September: Freaky Du & Rocket Pug & Luo Reed A
October: Black Mamba
November: Leona & Dane Domino
December: Gremlin